Whenever you tell someone that we actually get snow in Arizona, they find it hard to believe. As locals know, winter in the Valley is generally mild, but don’t let that give you a false sense of security. You still need to prepare your car for the winter months. Especially if you plan on driving outside of the Valley, perhaps heading up north for skiing and snowboarding at the Arizona Snowbowl.

Before the start of the season is the best time to come in for a vehicle inspection for winter-preparedness. We’ll make sure your tires are safe, fluids are topped off, and much more so that your vehicle is ready for rain, frost, and snow.

Why You Need to Winter Proof Your Car

Just because we don’t live in Alaska doesn’t mean our vehicles can skip routine maintenance. It may be more crucial in a place with sub zero temperatures, but don’t let our mild weather fool you into neglecting your car’s needs. The fact is, we do get inclement weather throughout Arizona, from slippery roads, rain, ice, and even blizzards in northern Arizona.

Arizona Has Extreme Temperatures

From the hot days of summer to the cold winter nights, Arizona has some serious temperature fluctuations. The climate change is more extreme than most states, if you drive a few hours north form Phoenix, you could be standing on the side of the road knee-deep in snow. We all know what happens when there is too much heat, the engine overheats. Likewise, if the engine block get’s too cold, it can freeze, leaving you and your friends stranded halfway to the mountain.

If the engine block get’s too cold, it can freeze, leaving you and your friends stranded halfway to the mountain.

Let’s go over the basics to ensure your car keeps running at it’s best, whether in Phoenix or traveling to Flagstaff or elsewhere.

  • Check the Antifreeze
  • Change the Oil
  • Check the Battery

Checking the antifreeze is a great place to start. Also known as coolant, making sure it’s topped off should be priority in cold or hot weather. Check the antifreeze level yourself by popping the hood, and check if the fluid is at the radiator’s fill line. For the most thorough check, give a professional a call and we’ll inspect the freezing point of the fluid.

The oil is the blood of the car, the engine will seize up without routine oil changes. This is your major line of defense against all sorts of weather, but very important in the cold when dealing with a cold-start. Although getting your oil changed frequently is good, it’s more important to consider the quality of the oil.

Your car’s battery works extra hard during the cold winter months. It’s important to have a professional inspect your battery and ensure it’s properly charged for your winter trips.

Get your brakes checked and avoid a perilous accident. Many winter driving accidents, in Arizona and elsewhere, are due to faulty brakes. In Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, and Tucson, residents are more concerned with the slippery roads during extreme rain and frosty windshields. In Northern Arizona, the residents of Flagstaff, Sedona, Williams, and surrounding areas have the same concerns, with added ice and snow depths.

Whether you live in Phoenix or Flagstaff, come by Eclipse Auto Body today for fast, same-day service. We’ll make sure your car is safe and your trips to the slopes are without a hitch.

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