Every time you drive on the highways of Arizona, or anywhere, you’re bound to see these abandoned tire treads on the side of the road. They are usually from a semi-trailer, and cause a hazard on the road. Do truckers just use terrible tires? Not necessarily.

Do Not Run Over Tire Treads

The worst part, besides the impact on the environment and eyesore, is if you accidentally drive over a tire tread, it can cause a blow out of your own tire. There are tiny pins in the tire that will puncture your tire. It’s best to avoid hitting these hazards when possible, but do not swerve around and inadvertently cause an accident.

Why Are There So Many Tire Treads on the Road?

Most semis are more often than not using retread trailer tires. The trailers are usually on a lease, as opposed to the actual semi/cab. So if the a driver for a company is pulling a leased trailer, they usually avoid spending any amount of money on the trailer, which means poor quality tires.

Many independent owner-operators would never use a retread tire on a trailer. Sometimes it depends on the size and success of the trucking company, whether or not they utilize cheap tires.

What About the Abandoned Tires?

Also known as “gators”, these leftover treads tend to hang around on the side of highways longer than anyone would like. Unfortunately the government doesn’t prioritize this type of clean up in the budget. It’s our responsibility as drivers, especially the independent operators, to use decent tires and clean up any debris from a blow out.

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